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For a lot of customers on other networks, it feels like they are being unfairly charged for using their phones in the way they want to use them.

Whether they are coming home to a massive bill for using data abroad or being forced to pay extortionate rates for 0800 calls, customers feel like they aren’t being given a fair deal by our competitors.

It’s time to switch

3-mobileYou might be forgiven for thinking that ‘bill shock’ is now a thing of the past. But we’ve recently learnt that over half (54%) of EE, Vodafone and O2 customers have experienced bill shock in the last year. These bills are often the result of high or unexpected roaming fees or charges for 0800 numbers.

With free 0800 numbers on new contracts, Feel at Home in 16 destinations and 4G at no extra cost, we think it’s time people took action and moved to a network that offers them what they want instead of sticking with networks that are making them unhappy.

We’ve had these customers share their ‘bill shock’ stories when they said #hellothree Three ensures customers get these benefits as part of their phone or internet account. Unlike other networks, on Three:

  • Use your phone abroad at no extra cost
  • 4G at no extra cost
  • 0800 call are free on all our new plans